Last week, I was doing my usual Runescape evangelism.  One person told me, in no uncertain terms, that God does not exist.  I asked him why.  Then, he asked me why I believe God exists.  So, I spent 30 minutes with him discussing the evidence within the universe, the apparent design in biology, freewill, consciousness, transcendental morals, evil, and how the existence of God reasonably makes sense of all this evidence.  After we were done talking, he retorted “actually, I really don’t care about God”.

I could have screamed.

Sound familiar to anyone?  You feel like you’ve made some real progress with someone only to discover that ultimately, they are apathetic.  Perhaps I should have asked “do you really care to discuss this topic?”  It may have saved me 30 minutes of time!

There are three levels of disbelief: rational, emotional, and the core.  I will go over each layer in detail.

The first layer is rational.   Rational objections of the existence of God are purely intellectual, requiring those who believe that God exists to provide evidence to support their belief, or to “prove” that God exists.  This area also deals with alleged contradictions in the Bible.  When I ask people why they reject God’s existence, most people profess to reject His existence for rational reasons.

After I deal with the intellectual barriers to God’s existence and peel back the rational layer, I find that most people start to open up a little bit, and reveal that the real reason why they reject God’s existence is emotional.  This usually comes out as an unanswered prayer, a Christian who was unkind to them, or the hypocrisy of the Church.  This can also come in the form of apathy, to simply not care about the existence of God.

The third layer is the core.  This is the reason behind all rational and emotional rejections of the existence of God.  It is this reason why Adam and Eve rejected God’s command to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  It is the reason why Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for a mere thirty pieces of silver.  It is the reason why Lucifer tried to dethrone God, was kicked out of heaven, and became Satan.  It is the ultimate reason behind any sin that we commit.  That reason is…..


You read me right.  Pride.  When you stop to think about it, pride is the ultimate reason for the rejection of the existence of God.  It is a willful and deliberate preoccupation with the self.  It is about three people: Me, Myself, and I.  We think we know better than God, and in so doing, reject Him and His commandments, seeking to join Frank Sinatra and sing “I did it my way!”  Pride caused Satan to swell up and attempt to dethrone God.  Pride was the reason behind Adam and Eve’s rejection of God’s commandment, seeking to be like God, on their own terms.  Pride is why Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus into the hands of His enemies.  Pride is the reason why so few of us will admit that we have a sin problem.

Let us repent of our pride, our transgressions before God, and trust in Jesus, who alone can rid us of our attachments to self.